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Why Nail Enhancements Should Be Left To The Real Pros

When it comes to nail enhancements, a small slip-up during application could lead to frustration and cost plenty of extra time and money to repair. According to Nails Magazine, even licensed manicurists are guilty of common mistakes when applying acrylic, gel or fiberglass nails.

Progressions’ nail technicians are trained at the highest level in the industry to ensure that our guests get the most out of their investment in their nails. From Nails Magazine, here are the mistakes that poorly trained nail technicians make when applying nail enhancements — and why choosing a Progressions nail tech is a wise decision.

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1. Improper nail prep. Whether applying an acrylic, gel, gel-polish or regular polish, it’s important the nail bed be free of dead skin or oils so product can adhere to the nail. Progressions’ nail artists are scrupulous about using cuticle solvents and removers for a perfectly clean nail plate.

2. Unbalanced nail enhancements. The shape of the nail is very important to constructing a sculpted extension. Progressions nail techs create a structurally sound extension by placing the apex over the stress area and in proportion to the length of the extension. For natural, short nails, this is the center of the nail, and for longer extensions, this is just slightly down from the middle of the nail.

3. Neglecting to put on primer before acrylic. If primer isn’t used before acrylic application, nail enhancements will lift and pop off. One coat of primer is enough — applying too much can actually decrease adhesion.

4. Applying gel-polish too thickly. With too thick a coat of gel-polish, the suggested manufacturer curing time might not be long enough, which can eventually lead to peeling. Our nail techs use the three-stroke method to keep applications thin: one fluid stroke down the center, then two on either side.

5. Not pinching the C-curve. Pressure should be applied to the sidewalls of the extension to help bend the edge into a nice C-shape. C-curves should follow the nail’s natural curvature. Too tight a pinch will cause damage and can even break the enhancement.

6. Incorrect acrylic ratio. Our nail artists are trained to spot an improper liquid-to-powder ratio BEFORE it makes it onto the nail … by looking at how the bead appears on the brush. The ideal bead should be smooth, round, plump and suspended lightly on the brush hairs.

7. Not changing LED lamp bulbs. When bulbs in nail drying lamps are worn out and inefficient, this can cause small air pockets in the enhancement. At Progressions we check equipment daily and follow regular maintenance.

8. Not capping the nail edge with gel-polish. When gels are cured, they shrink. To combat this, our nail artists apply the product down over the free edge of the nail — but not underneath, so it does not recede back over the top of the nail.

9. Over-filing. Excessive filing leaves nail beds thin and weak—a poor platform for enhancements. A light touch is best!

10. Improper product storage. Nail enhancements break down when products go bad. Our team always makes sure caps are closed tightly and products are stored correctly for optimum performance.

If you’re making an investment in your nails, it makes sense to go to the professionals that know how to help them last and look good for as long as possible. Book an appointment at Progressions with Rita, Cecilia, Phanniya or Zsameria for beautiful, expertly applied nail enhancements.



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