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How to get LONG LASTING Nails and Eyelashes

2017 is here in full force and if you’ve been slacking, we’re here to tell you, don’t give up on those resolutions! Below are a few of the services we are loving that will help our guests look their best while both saving time and money. (Who knew you could accomplish your resolutions at the spa?!).

The hottest accessory for spring 2017 is…. Your Nails

Well-manicured nails are an enduring self-care staple. This year, we are loving the latest trend, treating your nails as an accessory in their own right. We are seeing many guests switch up colors and designs to create the most beautiful and unique looks.

“People are really having fun with their nails,” says Cindy Feldman, Progressions owner. “Nails are becoming an accessory to outfits. People are having more fun and freedom with their nails than ever before.”

While that doesn’t mean you have to switch out your nails as often as you change clothes, it does mean that now is a great time to embrace nontraditional colors and designs.


Patrick Demarchelier for Vogue | Source: Vogue

It’s also a great time to experiment with nail services you might not have tried previously. We are seeing more of our guests dipping their nails, a great alternative to gel. Dipping works by painting an adhesive onto the nail, then dipping it into jars of highly-pigmented powder. The process is repeated until the color is fully concentrated. It usually takes 2-3 times, then the nail is topped off with a glossy coating. The results visually mimic gel nails but unlike gels, the process involves no sculpting, no need for acrylic brushes, no harsh chemicals and little odor. The results are lightweight, natural looking and generally tend to last longer than acrylic nails last.

Regardless of your visit, you’ll feel confident knowing our nail technicians are highly skilled and knowledgeable, much more knowledgeable than just trending color choices. Consider us your nail doctors, just like your MD can prescribe the right medicine, exercise regime and diet for optimal health, we can set you up with a routine to care for your nails, hand and feet that will keep them strong and beautiful for years to come.

Save time and money with Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions have become insanely popular for obvious reasons. They give you semi-permanent results, helping you to shave precious minutes off your busy morning routine. With proper care, they can last for weeks and will likely no longer need mascara! Every service includes thorough care instructions from our lash technicians.

The best part is the actual service itself. Performed in a private area of the salon, many guests use their initial hour-and-a-half service to close their eyes, relax, and should they happen to do so, take a nap. It’s one of those rare instances when there’s truly nothing you can do—so we suggest you take advantage of this wonderful service.

While eyelash extensions do require fill-ins to maintain the optimum effect, you’ll only need to do so every two to three weeks if you stick to a proper home care routine.

What to expect: high standards and competitive pricing

Every part of every one of your visits to Progressions will be the best it can possibly be. For that reason, our pedicure chairs are pipe-less. No pipes mean no place for bacteria to become trapped which also means no infections due to water sitting in the system. When it comes to our guests’ health and safety, we’re not taking any chances.

The quality of the products we use and sell is just as much of a priority as salon cleanliness and safety. That means that every product at Progressions is one we truly believe in. Visit our retail store for the very best the beauty industry has to offer.

We also believe that quality services and products shouldn’t be a luxury available to only a chosen few but rather, they are something everyone deserves. That’s why our pricing structure includes a variety of options for our nail and spa services. While our offerings are priced differently depending on experience, skill certification, and continuing advanced education, you can rest assured that you’ll never have to compromise on quality.

So no matter your resolutions for 2017, visit with our team of professionals. We’ll help you have your best year possible. Be your most beautiful self!

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