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Everything you need to know about microblading

It’s no secret that the days of over-plucked, over-tweezed eyebrows have come and gone. Thicker, fuller brows are trending—and for good reason. Your eyebrows play a major role in helping to unify your overall look. But if you don’t want to waste precious minutes of your morning filling and shaping them, microblading—a new service we’re offering—might be right for you. It’s a semi-permanent makeup application in which ink is used to tattoo in natural-looking hair follicles, allowing you to wake up with bold, perfectly shaped brows—every morning. That’s a trend we can get behind.

It’s an art form

Professionals compare the technique to art, specifically the painting style trompe l’oeil. Often used by painters to create an optical illusion that the object they’re painting exists in three dimensions, microblading works the same way. The hairs we’re painting on aren’t real, of course but they sure do look like it!

What to expect

We start by using topical anesthetics to numb the area and help minimize pain. Our specialists will measure and outline your desired shape, then begin filling in spots that need the coverage. The pigment will be implanted into the dermal layer of your skin using hair-like strokes. It’s also worth noting that the original shade will fade in color, usually within a week (meaning the color you leave with will soften over time, helping your brows look as natural as possible). After that, depending on your personal preferences, touch-ups can be scheduled for every six months, or annually. We’ll usually schedule an initial one 30 days after the procedure, though.

After-care is extremely important

We’ll send you home with an after-care sheet fully explaining what you’ll need to do at home—for example, steering clear of the swimming pool for at least a full week, moisturizing before you hop in the shower or work out (to prevent ‘patches’ from forming), refraining from picking at any scabs and keeping out of the sun.

Complete healing can take up to four weeks. In the meantime, you may experience mild swelling, itching, light scabbing, light bruising and dry tightness—but don’t worry, it’s all completely normal and should fade quickly. After your brows are completely healed, you’re free to go back to your regular cleansing and makeup routine. We highly suggest wearing sunscreen, too—it will aid in the longevity of your tattoo (and it’s a must to keep your skin healthy, anyway!).

You will love it

What do our guests say when they see their results?

  • It’s amazing
  • It looks so natural
  • I love it
  • And yes, some even shed tears of joy

To be frank, they’re thrilled.

The service not only helps save time in the morning, but you’ll never have to buy a pencil or powder again. And with summer right around the corner, you won’t worry about your drawn-on eyebrows smudging off in the heat and humidity (or on the beach!). Best of all though, it helps you wake up with a look you love every morning—and carry that confidence with you all day.

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Consultations are available

We have two certified microblade specialists on staff—Kellye and Teresa—and they’re available for consultations to talk you through the process and answer any questions or concerns you might have. Kellye’s been with us for 10 years and Teresa, our spa director and senior esthetician, has been with us since 2012. She has more than 25 years of experience in the service industry. To #wakeuplikethis, call or text us today—(301) 231-8757.

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