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Prices: We strive to exceed your expectations regardless of level of service you choose. Our pricing structure varies depending on the stylist's experience, skill certification, and continuing advanced education.

Eyebrow & Lash Bar

Eyebrows are one of the most important features of anyone’s face. Trust our certified brow and lash specialist to help you work with the eyebrows you currently have. We can start to re-shape them by waxing, tweezing, and tinting. Our team will advise you as to what shape will be best for your face shape.

Eyelash extensions are designed to add length, thickness, and fullness to natural eyelashes. Our professionals can support you with temporary lashes that will last for 1-2 days or more permanent lashes lasting 2-4 weeks and is designed to last until the natural lash falls out. Even if someone has no makeup on it will appear as if they are wearing mascara. They come in various lengths and thicknesses and help you save time during your daily routine.

Series Savings: Purchase four of the same hair service and receive a 15% savings (spa services are 10%)




Tint with shaping, first time50 - 60
Tint with shaping, maintenance45 - 55
Tint while coloring hair15
Tint with esthetician, no color service28 - 30
Brow tint with shaping and Lash tint combo95 - 100



Strip, individual lower lash, add on, BAM lash cluster25 - 45
Lower lashes25 - 50
Removal25 - 45
Classic full set250 - 325
Volume full set400
Classic half set125 - 160
Volume half set200
Classic 2 week fill63 - 85
Volume 2 week fill125
Classic 3 week fill83 - 99
Volume 3 week fill140
Classic 4 week fill125 - 160
Volume 4 week fill200


Microblading is semi-permanent makeup, the manual process of implanting color pigment in the upper layers of skin by means of tiny sterile needles to produce the appearance of hair strokes

Contraindications to microblading include: keloid scarring, allergy to hair color or henna, pregnant or nursing, any blood thinning medications, accutane use, diabetes, sunburn, hepatitis B or C, HIV, recent Botox or fillers, lidocaine or latex allergies


Included 4-6 week touch-up.
Consultation Fee50
May be applied to service deposit.
Scheduling Deposit150
Applied towards service.
Microblading Touch-Up 9-12 Months300
Touch-up price based on initial service having been with us.

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