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celebrating 30 years of excellence


One of the leading salon in the Washington area since 1984, Progressions is an exciting salon, spa, and store that has built it's reputation on an unwavering commitment to being of service to our guests. As an award-winning prestigious full-service salon, we represent the highest standards of excellence.


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hair & scalp treatments

The details make the picture. Pay attention to the little things: the health of your scalp, the softness of your locks, the end of every individual strand of hair. Conditioning treatments are essential to restoring your hair and scalp to their natural health, preventing future damage, and ensuring a beauty that lasts.


brazilian blowout

Modern techniques and products for hair smoothening have advanced to a new age. The Brazilian Blowout is the perfect cure for hair that is damaged, frayed, frizzy, processed, or otherwise unmanageable. Seal and mend split ends instantly. Repair and tame the full length of your hair, making it silky smooth and always shining.


raving reviews


This was the first great salon experience that I have had where I felt truly comfortable and...

— Natalie N, MD


Progressions represents a perfect customer service model. It starts from the moment the front...

— Peggy S, MD


After moving to the area and trying four different hair salons, I found Progressions...

— Viladda V, MD


hair color

Changing your look doesn’t get more dramatic than a change in color. The rainbow is at your disposal and calling – and sometimes only the stars know which hue will soon grace your ensemble of self. Highlights will catch the light in fun, striking ways. One-step or two-step color will infuse your full mane with newness.




hair retexturizing

Texture can be perceived through sight and touch: get the texture right and satisfy double the senses. Unleash the power of your hair with a retexturing treatment to endow upon it gently soft curls, or a smoothly straight waterfall of locks. Tell tight or kinky curls to relax. Coax thin and flat locks into acquiring new body and grace.


brands we carry

hair enhancements

Enhancements add to nature to create the perfect illusion of more. If you can’t get enough hair because of aspiration for a certain look, or hair loss due to any cause, enhancements are the answer. Lengthen your hair with extensions, or add volume by intermixing human hair with yours. Ask for twists, dread care, and weaves.


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special occasions

Your special day is around the corner, and only thoughtful and careful preparation will bring it off. Consulting with a professional hair and makeup artist is the key to managing the details. When it comes to bridal hair and makeup, practice makes perfect…ly fabulous. What’s the second best part of getting married? Getting glamorous.



mani & pedi

Show off your slender extremities and lay them bare. Wrap them in sandals and rings. The manicure and pedicure are the cure in miniature for all that’s broken and rough. Treat yourself to a pampering and a piece of rightfulness and order. Find your serene space of self amidst the bustle and craze of the great metropolis.


hair removal

The smoother you are, the more feminine and graceful you can be. Wherever it grows, it can be made baby smooth again. There’s nothing like the feeling of softness against your clothes, and amidst the fresh outdoor air of the season. Heighten your eyes with an open crescent shape. You will want to look your best in a bikini and more.



face & body

It happens to the best of us: nature and our everyday trials leave us at the week’s end with a face that feels greasy and tired. Listen to the secrets of glowing, hydrated skin and request a facial. A deep-pore cleansing penetrates to the root and rejuvenates skin. In the meantime, give your feet a special treatment to sooth and freshen them.


brow & lash

Your eyes are the jewels of your face. Bring them out by enhancing the features that surround them – the eyebrows and eyelashes. If your brows are thin or light, adjustments to thicken and darken them can make a big difference in framing the luster of your eyes. Lengthening lashes offer a sexy and smart appeal.


Massages & Reflexology

As the philosophers say, your body is your temple, and your mind is your being. Invest in them to secure your happiness and longevity. Therapeutic and spa treatments, such as reflexology and body massage, deliver a host of amazing benefits. Experience a lessening of stress, blood pressure, and anxiety, along with an increase in flexibility, circulation, recovery, good sleep and digestion, and overall health.



Prom Packages make your evening extra special!

With Prom season upon us, Progressions salon spa store has packages available to make your evening extra memorable.  You also have the option to schedule a la carte services if ... Read More

Spray Tanning

Give the aura of your skin a boost without taking in harmful UV rays from the sun. Spray tanning provides a flawless tan that smoothens out previous tan lines and imbues a radiant dark color to your skin. Project the luxurious lifestyle of the beach or poolside, even if your schedule allows only occasional forays into the sun. Look fabulous in strapless dresses and swimwear.


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take home top brands

You can’t find them in every store, but the best brands exist in a few secret places. Your favorite products, as well as new products to try, line our shelves. Ask a consultant which ones are right for your individual hair and skin. You can’t visit the salon every day, so remember to stock up so you can maintain your style at home.

men's grooming

You shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, and yet reality shows that first impressions do matter. Appearance and style affects everything from men’s careers to their personal lives. A clean cut, a stylish trim, a fancy shave – these can effect a brand new you for a brand new day. The story of your life goes on.


team progressions

Progressions salon is proud of our fabulous team of talented artists and professionals. Although we are skilled masters of our particular art forms, we never stop learning and striving to improve. The culture of Progressions salon encourages and requires personal growth amongst our staff. Ask us how we can help you shine.