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Prices: We strive to exceed your expectations regardless of level of service you choose. Our pricing structure varies depending on the stylist's experience, skill certification, and continuing advanced education.




Purely progressions signature (60 min)95
A completely customized skin treatment addressing your skin’s challenges. You will leave with glowing, hydrated skin. Extractions additional.
Purely progressions signature (75 min)150
Includes an aromatic cleansing foot bath, completely customized facial, eye, renewal treatment and a relaxing stress-relieving massage for the face, neck, shoulders, and hands.
Express facial (30 min)70
Quick cleanse and customized treatment. Add an advanced peel or specialized masque for enhanced results. Refreshing and hydrating. Extractions extra.
Express facial with extractions (45 min)85
Quick deep pore cleansing facial, customized with a masque treatment for pore refinement, hydrating and healing.
Men’s facial (60 min)95
Customized to address the unique needs of a man’s skin. Designed to deep cleanse, refine, and nourish. Extractions extra.
Teen facial (45 min)75
Start teens on a life-long habit of great skin care. Deep cleanse, detoxify congested skin, extractions, and pore refining masque. Calms and hydrates skin.
Deep pore cleanse with extractions (75 min)125
A deeply purifying and detoxifying treatment that refines and cleans pores, and leaves complexion refreshed and radiant.
Skin resurfacing facial (75 min)160
Following a detailed consultation, an advanced form of exfoliation will be customized to meet your desired results (peel) followed by a customized treatment masque. Series available.
Back facial (45 min)85
Deep cleanse, exfoliate, extractions, calming, hydrating, masque that will leave your back soft, smooth, and renewed.
Eminence organic facial (60 min)110
This customized to your skin's individual needs, this facial uses biodynamic organic ingredients which pampers and immediately renews the health and natural beauty of your skin.
Eminence express organic facial (45 min)85
Treat yourself to a quick, refreshing customized facial using Eminence Organic Skincare of Hungary. The cold-pressed fruit, vegetable and herb ingredients treat the skin and stimulate the senses with incredibly fresh aromas and pure vitamin infusions of nourishment.
quick cleanse consultation (15 mins)complimentary
Complimentary service for home care evaluation or reevaluation. Includes a cleanse, skin analysis, and moisturize.
quick cleanse facial (15 min)25
Designed to evaluate the skin. Used prior to another service or product recommendations.
Professional Infusion Treatment with WrinkleMD
The Wrinkle MD Infusion Treatment is a 30-45 minute service that targets lip, eye and forehead area.

It provides advanced penetration of medical grade, natural ingredients that plump the skin, deeply hydrate and soften the challenged areas. The results are both amazing even after the first application. If you are experiencing the Infusion Treatment for the first time, we recommend you pair the treatment with a facial and peel for truly outstanding results. The treatment can be performed by itself as well.

1 Area | 60

Additional Area | 50

All 3 Areas | 160

Add Ons

facial add ons

Hand or Foot Reflexology (15/30 min)35/65
Beautiful eye renewal25
extractions (15 min)15+
Paraffin hand or foot treatment20
Skin resurfacing, peel, add-on50
Express pedicure in spa room30
Kerastase treatment in spa room35
WrinkleMD, one area50
WrinkleMD, each additional area45
WrinkleMD, all three areas140
LED red/blue light (15 min)25
HOW LED WORKS (Light Emitting Diodes) Light therapy simply applies light energy to skin for healing effects. LED light therapy revitalizes skin by stimulating cellular renewal response from deep in the tissue helping to repair damaged cells and begin rejuvenating tired skin. Red Light Therapy increases collagen production, reduces inflammation, kills bacteria and assists with moisture retention. Blue Light Therapy is best for acne treatment, as it targets the skin molecules that cause acne bacteria. In turn, the molecules produce free radicals which destroy the bacteria.


The HydraFacial MD ® is a non-invasive, multi-step treatment that provides immediate results and long-term benefits without pain, irritation or downtime. HydraFacial MD ® combines the benefits of hydradermabrasion exfoliation, a chemical peel, automated painless extractions (no pinching), and a special delivery of antioxidants, hyaluronic acid peptide-rich serums, into one quick treatment that delivers real results. The HydraFacial MD ® is appropriate for all skin types and targets sun damage, fine lines and wrinkles, dehydration and oily/congested skin.



HydraFacial™ Express175
30-minute medical grade service
HydraFacial™ LUXE225
60-minute full facial experience with HydraFacial
HyrdaFacial™ Customization Options:
Protein peptides to refine lines, stimulates collagen and elastin
Diminishes the appearance of brown spots and discoloration resulting in clearer, brighter skin
Lymphatic Drainage25
Improves circulation, removes toxins, promotes healing, reduces sinus pain
Blue light is anti-bacterial and soothing. Red light is anti-inflammatory, healing and anti-aging.
Hand & Forearm45
Extra Vortex Extractions25+
Starting at $25
For best results: 2 treatments in the first month then 1x each month to follow.
Hydrafacial™ Express 4630
4 treatments (save $70)
HydraFacial™ Express 6945
6 treatments (save $105)
HydraFacial™ Luxe 4810
4 treatments for face, neck & décolleté (save $90)
HydraFacial™ Luxe 61215
6 treatments for face, neck & décolleté (save $135)
HydraFacial™ Express/Luxe Combo 4720
4 treatments (save $80)
HydraFacial™ treatments are recommended every 1- 4 weeks to maintain optimal skin health and beauty. The guidelines above are meant as support recommendations, please defer to your Progressions Skin Care Professional for your individual treatment plan.

Series Savings: Purchase four of the same hair service and receive a 15% savings (spa services are 10%)

Teen Hydrafacial

Teen Hydrafacial

HydraFacial™ Teen Treatment with Blue Light Therapy$175
Single Treatment
HydraFacial™ Teen Treatment with Blue Light Therapy$375
Series of 3 ($150 savings)

• removes impurities without stripping the skin

• deeply cleans using a vortex energized spiral tip

• infuses potent ingredients customized to your skin

• absolutely no downtime or redness

• blue light therapy helps to diminish acne bacteria

• BEST USED IN A SERIES OF TREATMENTS; recommended every 2-4 weeks

*Series must be used within 3 month of date of purchase.

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